Runway To Fairway In 35 Minutes

Spirit Aviation at the Thomson McDuffie Regional Airport welcomes you to the 2018 Masters event. We have made every effort to prepare to accommodate you at this year’s event. Additional resources and staffing are in place to handle all of your needs.

The Thomson McDuffie Regional Airport is located 35 minutes from the Masters Tournament; located near Interstate I-20, exit #172. The KHQU airport has a 5500 ft runway served by an ILS approach.

An AWOS is available on the field.

Emergency Medical Service and Fire Station is located on field. The FBO will be attended for extended hours each day to accommodate late and early arrivals.

Ground Support Equipment (GPU/LAV/Oxygen/Lektro towbarless tug) is available to handle aircraft up to 80,000#. Tow Bar and Pushback Tugs used for G4+ aircraft.

Complementary coffee and ice provided. Outside catering can be accommodated but may incur charges for handling/setup based on resources required (refrigeration/pre heating/aircraft delivery).

Ramp Fees

  • Single Engine Recip. $25
  • Multi Engine Recip $60
  • Turbo Prop $125
  • Small Jet <20,000# $185
  • Medium Jet >20,000# to 30,000# $385
  • Large Jet >30,000# $540
  • Large Jet >40,000# $1200
  • Gulfstream/Global/G7+ $1600
  • Helicopter – AVGAS $25
  • Helicopter – JET $125

Ramp fees will be assessed daily to all aircraft:


Parking Info:

The Thomson McDuffie Regional Airport has a very large ramp capable of handling a large number of aircraft. Uniformed linemen will marshal all aircraft to parking. Please state your intentions via the Unicom frequency 122.8 to Spirit Aviation when approaching the ramp (Quick Turn/ Overnight, etc.). Unless you are doing a quick turn, expect your aircraft to be relocated on the ramp after your passengers have deplaned.

Aircraft will be parked based on estimated date/time of departure. Expect to be relocated after fueling is completed. Fuel orders are strongly encouraged upon arrival instead of departure.

Light General Aviation Recips may be parked off pavement in designated parking areas. Pilots are encouraged to bring tie downs if possible. It is expected that the number of aircraft will exceed available tie down locations. Temporary tie down ropes and anchors will be available for a fee if requested.

Fuel Pricing:

We offer full serve fueling at very competitive pricing

  • Jet – A Full serve: available from fuel truck (single point or overwing)
  • Jet – A Self serve: not available during event due to ramp congestion
  • 100 LL – Full Serve: available from a mobile fuel tanker.
  • 100 LL – Self-Serve: not available during event due to ramp congestion.

** Prices subject to change due to market fluctuation. Call ahead or check website for most current pricing.


Rental Cars are available thru Enterprise Car Rental and Hertz. They will be on site throughout this event. Advance reservations are highly recommended. Walk up rental cars will be available in limited supply for the event. Limo service is available but requires prior coordination due the limited availability and high demand for this event.
Taxi service is generally not available from the Thomson McDuffie Airport to Augusta. A crew van is available for flight crews for short trips away from the airport.


Several televisions are located throughout the terminal to allow viewing of Direct TV channels to include the live coverage of the tournament on Saturday and Sunday.


The Thomson McDuffie Airport offers free WiFi Internet throughout the airport terminal and ramp. Preflight computers are available in a flight planning room. A color laser printer is connected to all printers and additionally can be connected to by any computer on the Internet for Internet printing.

Inbound Faxes should be sent to 706-595-4685. Inbound and outbound faxes are available at no cost.

Special Requests:

Every effort will be made to accommodate special requests for handling/services. If you require special handling or services not listed, we urge to contact us at (706) 595-1300 to discuss how we can meet your needs. We look forward to serving your needs for this event. 


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