Cessna Aircraft Sales

As a Cessna Pilot Center, Spirit Aviation has access to the full line of Cessna single engine aircraft. Our affiliation with the top local Cessna dealer means that we are able to provide the top single engine aircrafts to you—at the lowest prices in the CSRA area.

We are proud to be a part of the Cessna Aircraft tradition. It’s a tradition of quality—with more Cessna aircraft having been sold than any other brand. It’s also a commitment to innovation—with Cessna aircraft still leading the way in the industry. And it’s a heritage that has endured for over eight decades—ever since the very first Cessna All Purpose plane took off on August 13, 1927.

At Spirit Aviation, it’s our privilege to meet your Cessna sales needs. If you would like to set up a demo flight or learn more about purchasing an aircraft, please fill out the form below or give us a call at 706-595-1300.

Cessna Skycatcher

The Skycatcher is all about making the sky a little bit easier to reach. It’s the premiere plane in the affordable, starter category. But just because it’s built to be affordable doesn’t mean it’s not as technologically advanced and incredibly well-built as the entire Cessna line. In fact, leading magazines recognized it one of the most exciting development of 2007—and called the Skycatcher the best plane for new pilots.

Cessna Skyhawk SP

Welcome to the legendary Skyhawk—the undisputed spirit of the sky. Recognized by many as the safest general aviation plane, the Skyhawk is also the best-selling and most-flown airplane ever built. It features a 180 horsepower engine and a McCauley propeller, making it capable of faster climbs and cruising speeds. Spirit Aviation is proud to offer this incredible machine to you at the lowest prices in the CSRA, Augusta, Thomson and Reynolds Plantation/Lake Oconee Resort areas.

Cessna Skylane

The incredible Skylane is all about delivering performance. It’s graced with a 230 horsepower engine for muscular performance. It’s designed to be graceful and versatile in the air and on the ground—so you can truly fly in style. And the Skylane feature a comfortable, spacious cabin in your choice of leather or cloth seats—plus generous baggage storage space. If you’re ready to touch the sky, the Skylane is at your command.

Cessna StationAir

The StationAir is the high-performance plane of your dreams. It features a 310 horsepower, fuel-injected engine with an available turbo engine and can reach top cruising speeds of 178 knots. Plush leather seats, a spacious cabin that can seat up to 6, double loading doors for easy cargo capacity—it all adds up to a plane that’s as powerful and flexible as you need it to be. If you’re ready to explore the Stationair, Spirit Aviation is ready to make it happen.

Cessna Corvalis TT

Are you ready to fly? With the Corvalis TT, you can experience the breathtaking power of the world’s fastest fixed-gear aircraft. Reach speeds of up to 235 knots in the luxurious, spacious cabin. Command your plane with one of the most innovative cockpits and control schemes in the industry. Enjoy the pinnacle of personal aviation. The Cessna puts it all within reach—and you can experience it at Spirit Aviation.

Cessna Caravan

The Cessna Caravan line of planes are the workhorses of the sky. Featuring 675-horsepower engines, advanced glass cockpits and anti-ice systems, the Caravans are fuel-efficient, cost-effective and versatile enough to meet all your needs. Call Spirit Aviation if you are looking for purchase a Cessna Caravan in the CSRA, Augusta, Thomson and Reynolds Plantation/Lake Oconee Resort area—we are always at your service.