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Spirit Aviation has long led the way in regional aviation—and we are now happy to announce two new firsts.

The arrival of our brand new Cessna Skycatcher means that we are the first FBO in the southeast region to offer this great new plane—which has been called by some the perfect “classroom in the sky.” Be sure to schedule a demo flight soon—as time slots will be filling up fast.

Of course, the arrival of our first Skycatcher means that we are also the first to offer Light Sport Training in the southeast region. With Light Sport Training, you’ll be able to get your certification in no time. In fact, you can start flying in half the time it takes to earn a traditional private license. And all the time you spend in the air will transfer over to the FAA certification process.

About the Cessna Skycatcher

The Skycatcher is the newest plane in the Cessna general aviation family. It’s a versatile, light-sport aircraft that is specially designed for training and personal use. It is a 2-person plane with an innovative high-wing design. Its engine is a four-cylinder, direct drive engine that allows you to cruise at speeds up to 118 knots (219 km/h), with a range of 400 nautical miles (741 km) and a service ceiling of 14,625 feet (4,458 m).

Spirit Aviation couldn’t be more excited to now be able to offer the plane that was called by Popular Science “the most exciting development of 2007.”

If you have any questions, please call Spirit Aviation at 706-595-1300 or contact us via email.

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