Aircraft Hangar Rentals

Think of Spirit Aviation as your aircraft’s home away from home. We offer low-cost, convenient aircraft hangar rentals – with the most accommodating selection in all of the CSRA area.

We have multiple aircraft hangars available to meet your needs, including Thomson Hangar rentals for smaller planes. Our rentals can be purchased on a
long-termor short-term basis.

In addition to our T-hangars, we also have Corporate Hangar rental spaces that will accommodate most corporate jets. All of our hangar spaces are secure and fully-enclosed, perfect for protecting your valuable investment from the weather.

Plus, with Spirit Aviation hangar rentals, a safety technician will be happy to move the aircraft in and out of the space on your behalf. When you’re ready to depart, we’ll bring your plane directly to the FBO and have it ready for you—all at no extra charge.

Plus, you’ll save money with a special fuel rate. Please fill out the form below to find out more about the availability of our Hangar Rental services.

For more information about our Thomson Airport Hangar Rentals, give us a call at: (706) 595-1300 or fill out the form.

Hangar Rental Waiting List