Commercial Pilot

Spirit Aviation offers a Commercial Pilot course. The commercial rating allows one to perform flying services for hire. Commercial pilot applicants will further develop their skills relating to aircraft control and aviation knowledge. And even if it’s not your career goal to be a professional pilot, there’s nothing that delivers the incredible sensation of freedom & the feeling of self-reliance you earn when you conquer your cockpit as a Commercial Pilot.

Ground Training

Your ground training is accomplished using our state-of-the-art Computer Based Instruction (CBI) program that uses fully interactive graphics and full motion video.

Flight Training

Flight training is completed in new Skyhawk aircraft. Our aircraft are all equipped with the latest radios and avionics (including GPS receivers). You’ll practice controlling the aircraft precisely and further develop your private and instrument flying skills.


To start Commercial training you need:

  • Private Pilot Certificate, preferably an instrument rating
  • Third class medical, second class medical before operating for hire
  • 250 hours of flight time prior to taking checkride

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