Gift Certificates

Now available – Spirit Aviation Gift Certificates! They’re more convenient than using cash and make an excellent gift for that special someone. You may even want to purchase one for yourself! Choose between a discovery flight or an introductory flight lesson. Also available, are the new King Schools Cessna Pilot Starter Kit! One of these packages doesn’t fit your gift idea? No problem! You may select to issue a gift certificate for any amount you choose! Click below to get started now!

Here are the Gift Certificates and Packages We Offer:

One Hour Simulator Special – $35.00

SPECIAL!! 50% off. Take a flight in our FAA-Certified Frasca 141 Simulator. With the capability of simulating complex or standard aircraft, you will not be dissapointed with your experience. Each additional hour is only $25 plus instructor fees.

Discovery Flight -$99.00

This Cessna sponsored special will allow you to feel the freedom of flight and what it is like to take the controls of an aircraft.

Introductory Flight Lesson – $199.00

Most Popular!! This is a comprehensive first flight lesson. You will taxi, take-off, and fly the aircraft.

Cessna Private Pilot Started Kit – $320.00

This kit includes everything you need to begin your flying adventure. Included: Computer Based Instruction CDs, Digital FAR/AIM, Course Syllabus, Plotter, Flight Computer, Pilot Logbook, Practical Test Standards, Supplement Material, Cessna Carrying Bag.

Fixed Price Instrument Rating – $5995.00

Includes 20 hours in our new 2006 Cessna 172, Unlimited Hours in our Frasca 141 Simulator, 90 Hours of Instructor time, and a Cessna IFR Cessna Pilot Center Kit. Call more for details!!

Any Other Amount At Your Discretion

If you do not wish to purchase a package, you may enter an amount of your choosing.

Purchase Your Give Certificate Here


What can these be used for?
Well, that’s really up to you, after all you own it. Conventional wisdom would say that you come by the flight school and use it there. Gift certificates for intro flights are used for, well, intro flights. Certificates for specific dollar amounts can be applied toward flying / instruction / simulator time (you do know we have an IFR simulator don’t you?) or general merchandise from charts and headsets to Spirit logo wear!

Wow that sounds great! Tell me about these intro flights!
When you come to use your intro flight, you’ll get a preflight briefing and then we’ll do a walk around of the plane to get you familiar. Even if it’s your very first flight, you’ll get to actually fly the plane, from takeoff to landing. Don’t worry though – our experienced flight instructors are there with you. After the flight you’ll be debriefed.

Would these make a good gift?
Absolutely! It’s the perfect gift for any occasion – graduation, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Baptism, bris, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, birthday, Independence Day, Flag Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Boxing Day, Labor Day, Labour Day, and even Tuesday.

Is there a limit to how much I can make the gift certificate out for?
Don’t ask silly questions.

When can they be used?
They’re good from the moment you get it until six months after the date of issue. What are the chances that something this cool would sit unused for that long anyway?

Can I redeem it for cash?
If you want, however it won’t be in official US currency. You can trade it in for “Spirit Bucks”, but we don’t even accept those. You’re probably better off with Monopoly money, so really, what’s the point?

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