Computer Based Instruction

If you’re ready to learn how to fly—the Cessna Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) program is a great choice for you.

With CBI, you can learn from zero time to your certification. These innovative lessons will take you from the very start all the way up to the finish line. And because they are designed to work in conjunction with your instructor, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get your certification and be a successful pilot.

CBI features integration of ground and flight training. Everything you do in the air is demonstrated for you on video—and the convenient online format means you can complete your lessons wherever and whenever is convenient for you. Study at home, on the road, at work… wherever you have access to a computer or tablet, your flying lessons can be there too.

The CPI is the only integrated flight training program in existence. It was designed in conjunction with the experts at Cessna and features highly-qualified and experienced professional presentations. Here’s how CBI works:

Ground school lessons help you learn everything you need to know about preparing for a flight.

Fun, interactive quizzes to help you retain the knowledge you gain.

Video flight previews prepare you for what to expect in the plane—before you even get in the cockpit.

Plus, each Cessna CBI Kit features:

  • Online access to pilot handbooks and aviation manuals valued at over $800.00
  • Pilot log
  • Online FAR/AIM
  • Flight calculator
  • Graduation certificate
  • Black Kit Bag

To learn more about the Cessna CBI kit, please contact Spirit Aviation at 706-595-1300 or by emailing us through our contact page.

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